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Rose in the Machine

ages 14+ 
1 hour 55 minutes

no intermission
Original story and text by Maude Laurendeau
Translated by Annabel Soutar
Directed by Édith Patenaude

Inspired by the writer’s own life experience, Rose in the Machine is the heartfelt and intimate journey of a mother seeking to understand her daughter’s autism, offering a compassionate window into the polychromatic shades of experience for families with neurodiverse children in Quebec. 

In navigating the many obstacles thrown in her path by our healthcare and education systems, Rose's mother breaks through pervasive barriers to arrive at an enlightened epiphany, and ultimately, hope for the future.


At once intimate and epic, introspective and outward-looking, this award-winning play critiques the opacity of our social systems while rendering transparent the multi-hued world of the neurodiverse.

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